Membership at Harvest

The staff and leadership at Harvest Revival are committed to helping you find a place to exercise your God given gifts to help strengthen His church. We will work with you to help you discover what Membership at Victory is all about.

MEMBERSHIP, GROW, SHAPE & SHARE are the tools to develop into what God wants you to be.


  1. Biblical - Christ is committed to the church

  2. Cultural - It is an Antidote to Our Society

  3. Practical - It defines who can be counted on

  4. Personal - It produces Spiritual Growth


  1. What's The Problem? Man has a natural desire to be the boss and to ignore God's principles for living.

  2. What's The Solution? God Himself came to earth as a human being to bring us back to Himseslf. If any other way would have worked,Jesus would not have had to come. The Way is a Person!


  1. S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gifts / Heart / Abilities / Personality / Experiences)

  2. God has made us to BE what He intends us to DO. He is consistent in His plan for each of our lives. He would not give us our talents and temperaments, spiritual gifts and various life experiences and then not use them.

  3. By reviewing and studying these factors, we can discover the ministry He has for us...the unique way God intends for us to serve Him.


A personal testimony is the most PERSUASIVE form of communication. We are COMMANDED to share our testimonies.

Get connected with an Adult Life Group on Sunday morning at 9:00am. You will be blessed. Our Adult Life Groups include: Singles, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's+, Women's Class and the Nitty Gritty Class. Life Groups are a great way of getting connected here at Victory Church. You'll meet wonderful people and develop lasting relationships through our Life Group fellowships that meet regularly throughout the month.